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I’m Not the Photographer for You If:

Knowing how to choose a photographer is no simple task. It’s important to make sure your photographer is on the same page when it comes to capturing your story. Truth be told, it’s just as important to focus on what they don’t offer. The simple fact is, I’m not going to be the right photographer for everyone! Reading on might save us both a little time in the long run. With that said, I am not the photographer for you if:

You need your photos by the end of the week


Film is slow. It’s a fact. Mostly, my lab is fast on service, but during busy periods like holidays it can take 2-3 weeks to receive scans of the negatives. Not only does that not bother me – I find it thrilling! I’m typically a very patient person and one of the things I love most is the excitement of waiting to see the photos. For you, that wait will be even longer, because once I receive scans there is editing and gallery curating to be done, which can be another few weeks sometimes. It’s okay if you don’t consider yourself patient in this scenario – sometimes we are busy, and we need things done fast! If that’s you, you would be better off choosing a digital photographer with a fast turnaround time. But if, like me, you find the thought of waiting exciting and you’re happy to go about your life for the month after your session knowing a surprise awaits you any day, I could be the photographer for you!

You expect the digitals to be included for free

I’ll be straight up – I value my work, and I want clients who value my work too. Like most of us, I have a family to provide for and a cost of living to keep up with (all photographers do!) so please don’t expect us to give our work for free. That’s not even mentioning the overheads involved in running a small business.

But there is a bigger reason I’m not a fan of including digitals in my session investment – I think prints are better! I always hope clients will invest in quality wall art to last them generations, bringing joy to the household daily. I understand some people will still want digitals, as a back up in case of house calamity, or just to share on social media. Totally understandable! I’ve made an effort to keep my digital packages affordable by offering payment plans for this reason. You can have your entire digital gallery for less than $32 a week. If this still doesn’t sound at all like what you’re after, I’m probably just not the photographer for you.


You expect hundreds of photographs in your gallery

I hate to disappoint if this was your expectation, but there is physically no way I could shoot that many photos in a single session on film! For starters, it would require significantly more film, which would mean significantly higher prices. But more importantly, I believe that tonnes of photos is simply unnecessary. I offer galleries of 25+ photos because I firmly believe less is more, and quality is preferable to quantity. My goal is always to give you at least one money-shot, one photo that oozes energy and life that you will love forever. When I was a kid, we would leave a session with one print, and that was enough. Of course, I hope you will love many more photos in your gallery. But as long as you feel you received one shot that you would happily see on your wall for years, I will have achieved my goal.

You want your wrinkles/freckles/double chin etc. removed during editing

I’ll put it simply – I don’t do that!

Sure, I may remove a pimple or a blemish – I wouldn’t want a pimple to be what you remember for the next 30 years. But by and large, I believe you are perfect exactly as you are. I’m not going to beg you to believe that of yourself, though. As far as I’m concerned, that type of growth needs to happen on your own time. We all have insecurities, of course – we’re only human! But a certain level of self-acceptance and assuredness is definitely important when stepping in front of my lens. It’s vital if we are to capture unguarded, unself-conscious, real moments for you.


So how to choose a photographer?

How to choose a photographer comes down to this: decide if what they do is really what you need. This takes investigation and a proper understanding of what it is they offer. So, if you want to slow down and create living photographs together; if you want to turn the walls of your home into a personal gallery; if you value quality over quantity; and if you want authentic, imperfect photographs – then I may just be the photographer for you. Are you ready to find out? Click the button to book now.

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