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What is an in-home photography session?

An in-home photography session is exactly what it sounds like – a session shot in your own home, capturing your authentic lifestyle. This is a perfect way to document your life exactly as it is in this moment in time to remember forever.

Who is an in-home photography session for?

In-home photography sessions are particularly popular with newborn portraits, as it means baby can remain where they are while still adjusting to the new sights and smells around them. Parents have everything they need on hand and no travelling with an upset baby required.

However, anyone and everyone is welcome to have their portraits taken at home! Whether you’re documenting family, maternity, or you would like to celebrate your first time living on your own, an in-home session is for anyone who wants to preserve their current reality.

How does an in-home photography session work?

You and I will work together to figure out what you would most like to capture about your reality – perhaps it includes your favourite spaces in the house, a family pet, the reading nook you like to sit in. Perhaps there is a section of the backyard you love, or you want to remember the baby’s nursery before they grow out of it. Whatever it is, we will communicate and gather an idea together about what is special about your space and the people in it.

Do I need to clean up?

One of the pros about in-home photography is that tidying is optional. If you want to go for a really authentic feel, you can leave everything just how it is. However, if you would rather have fewer distractions around, you can straighten things up in advance. Either way, my partner will tell you I am one of the messiest people in the world so I’m not judging!

Dressing up is also optional. Since you’re in your own home, you can choose to wear something comfy that you might usually wear at home for a truly authentic representation of home life. Following my usual style guide is recommended (and you can find those tips here).

How long does an in-home photography session take?

In general, allow 1-2 hours for your in-home session. If your house is on the dark side, that’s not a problem. I have portable studio lighting I can bring into your home. This is perfect for crafting natural looking light when there is little available.

Want to learn more, or ready to book your own in-home photography session? Let’s connect and start planning together!

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