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Why Choose Studio Portraits?

Studio portraits have been popular since the dawn of photography. Even longer if when we consider that artists have been painting against neutral backgrounds for hundreds of years.

With trends in family photography moving towards a preference for the outdoors (eg. sunset sessions), you may be wondering if a studio session is the right fit for you nowadays. Here are just a couple of reasons I love studio portraits:

Perfect light every time

Fortunately for us, technology has come a long way since the early days of portraiture, and studio lighting is more consistent and reliable than ever.

If you’re worried about your photos looking harsh or “flashy”, you needn’t be concerned. I apply professional techniques to keep my studio light soft and natural looking. Having a session in-studio guarantees you perfect and flattering lighting, every time.


Perfect weather every time

Another pro to working in-studio is that we’re not dependent on the weather. Rain, hail or shine, the session can go ahead as scheduled. And in the cold depths of a Tasmanian winter, staying inside where the heaters are at is never a bad idea!

A clean, classic look that never goes out of style

My goal is always to create photographs which (hopefully!) you will never look back on and cringe. Sure, your haircut or fashion will likely have dated in 20 years time, but the photos themselves should still hold up. I’m sure we can all think of photography trends that didn’t last, like the stern expressions of the late 1800’s, or those awkward 80’s double fades.

A simple, minimal studio look is free from distractions and trends, and has been shown to stand the test of time – just look at the work of Richard Avedon or Yousuf Karsh, for example.


In my opinion, studio portraits and film go together like cheese and wine – a classic, elegant pairing.

In my cosy Launceston home studio, we’ll keep things down to earth and have a lot of fun. When you’re ready to schedule your studio session, just hit the button below to get in touch.

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