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Why Family Portrait Photography is Important

There’s always a reason to put off professional family portrait photography, right? We can’t afford it right now, when I lose weight, after I get my hair done, the kids can’t sit still yet, we’ll wait for a special occasion. . . it can be easy to make excuses.

Think back to your own childhood, though. I’m willing to bet you can conjure up memories of the family portraits on the walls of your childhood home – I know I certainly can! And if the pandemic has taught us nothing else, it is that:

1. Family is the most important thing, and

2. Everything can change in a heartbeat.

With that in mind, are 3 reasons why family portrait photography is important and why you won’t regret investing in it.

1. It shows your kids you care

Your kids might not see the posts you share on social media, but they see what’s on the walls of their home. Seeing themselves displayed on the wall of the home shows them that you value them, and it gives them a sense of security about their place in the family.

Studies have shown that displaying family portraits around the home boosts children’s self esteem. Family portraits help children to see that they are a valued and loved member of the family.


2. They’re a reminder of what matters most

The present is the past all too soon, and suddenly it’s just a memory. The truly important people and moments deserve preservation, deserve revisiting. It may feel like you have all the time in the world to schedule that professional family photo session right now, but the unfortunate reality is that everything can change in a moment.

Deaths and divorces, births and marriages – our family units are always growing and changing. We have babies, then suddenly we have kids and then teens. Documenting each stage of the journey allows our children in particular to connect to their story, and ourselves to celebrate our lives and reflect.

It’s our legacy

Family portraits are family history. They are a documentation of your growth and development to be handed down the generations.

We want the photo of Nana when she was just a girl with pigtails and glossy black school shoes. We want the photo of Pop when he was a 20yo with a motorbike and charming good looks. We want the photo of Mum when we were still in her belly – and your kids want it too!

We want to pass that history down some day and show where we’ve been, who we once were and where we came from.


And if you’re a Mum reading this, here’s a bonus reason why family portrait photography is important – you need to be in the frame!

As a mother myself, I am all too aware of just how many photos I am missing from because I was the one holding the camera. It’s so important for our little ones that we make sure we are on the walls alongside the rest of the family.

Let’s get together and put some core memories around the house for your children to think back on fondly.

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