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Why You Should Have a Winter Photography Session

You might think that Winter in Tasmania is a less than ideal time to update your portrait. But don’t underestimate a Winter photography session! I really believe that any time of year is a perfect time to document your reality, because the reality is, life goes on in the cold months too.

Here are 4 reasons why a Winter photography session is worth scheduling immediately


1. Beat the photography busy season

Photographers are often run off their feet during the warmer months in Tassie, with the lead up to Christmas fast approaching. Securing a session with your photographer of choice may no longer be an option by then. By jumping in early during the cool season, you can get ahead of the curve and make sure you get the date and time that works best for you. Plus, you’ll have prints ready to send to the relatives with the knowledge they will well and truly arrive in time for the holidays.

2. Winter sunsets

Tasmanian sunsets (and sunrises, if you’re willing to brace the early morning frosts) in Winter are a stunning display! Full of purples and pinks, film captures the vibrant, living pastels of the Winter sky in spectacular fashion. Add rosy cheeks, chunky scarves and woolen coats, and you’ve got all the makings of a portrait to warm your heart on even the coldest of days.


3. Stay warm indoors

Not keen to brace the cold? Listen, I get it! It’s much more cosy to stay curled inside with a hot drink and the fire going. So. . . why don’t we do that? We can always stay in where it’s warm and keep things simple. Lucky for you, I offer in-home documentary sessions. And if that’s not quite you’re style, you can always come round to my home studio and stay warm during your Winter photography session. I’ll even make you a hot chocolate if you like!

4. Book a Winter Photography Session and Save

If the first 3 reasons didn’t have you convinced, allow me to sweeten the deal! I’m offering a Winter special for my subscribers, so now is the perfect time to join my mail list and book. All you need to do to be eligible for this exclusive offer is make sure you’ve subscribed to my email list, and you can save $100 on any session booked before September 1st 2022..

But get in quick! There are limited spots available.

Hit the button below and fill out the contact form, I’ll be in touch shortly.

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